Unhappy bedroom

Hard Day’s Night

We suggest some questions to ask yourself to help pinpoint the cause of your erectile dysfunction, whether it might be a physical or a psychological issue. We have a hard look at some of the common myths surrounding erectile dysfunction, and give you a selection of top tips to help you improve your sexual health and stay hard.

under performing

The Path To Peak Penis Performance

For most men, having and sustaining optimal performance in the bedroom is not only just for bragging rights, but also a sign of how healthy one is all-around. Learn about impotence, testosterone deficiency, peyronies disease and other conditions that affect your path to peak penile performance.


Are You Diabetic?

Struggling to gain an erection and don’t know why? The number of cases of diabetes is ever rising and this medical condition that relates to aspects of your blood work has a direct impact and correlation to other health concerns and conditions such as impotence. Find out how diabetes could be holding you back from achieving the erection you desire and how you can fix it.