Are You Diabetic?


Are You Diabetic? Maybe That’s What Is Causing Your ED

According to scientific research, it has been identified that between 35% to 75% of all men suffering with diabetes in the US will at one point or another, experience sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction or ED is the inability to maintain a healthy erection during sexual intercourse, which could possibly lead to a bunch of other psychological problems when it comes to sexual intimacy.

It is also important to realize that men suffering with any form of diabetes will develop this sexual illness 10 t0 15 years faster than men who do not have diabetes. On top of that, as men plagued with diabetes begin to age, the chances of developing erectile dysfunction significantly increases. Men crossing their 50s are more prone to experiencing erectile dysfunction or impotence – and according to medical findings, they stand a 50% to 60% chance of having problems with getting their meat rods up. So the question is…

How Can Diabetic Men Experience Erectile Dysfunction?

There are several complex medical complications that can lead to erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes and most of them involve nerve impairments, inhibition of blood vessels to transport blood in sexual organs and decreased muscle function.

You see, in order to get your pecker up successfully and then maintain the erection to adequately please your partner, your body needs to efficiently and effectively pump blood to the sexual organs. In other words, you need to have very healthy and strong hormones, nerves and blood vessels – as well as a strong desire to be sexually aroused and stimulated. Diabetes can significantly affect all these mentioned essentials, the disease can considerably damage those blood vessels and nerves that are responsible for giving you an erection that lasts longer than a few seconds. And it can also decrease your libido.

So, with damaged nerves and blood vessels, even if your body does produce a healthy amount of sexual hormones and that you do feel the urge to be sexually stimulated, you may still have a very hard time getting the meat express up and running.

Are there any Treatments for ED in Diabetic Men?

Absolutely. Men with diabetes who also suffer with erectile dysfunction resort to taking oral medication such as

  • Tadalafil
  • Avanafil
  • sildenafil
  • Adcirca
  • Stendra
  • Levitra
  • Staxyn
  • Viagra

However, before you take these medications it is very important to…

Consult with an Medical Expert

A majority of men show a whole lot of hesitation before discussing something like erectile dysfunction and why not, it is a bit of a bind. However, you should never ever let the embarrassment of the situation come between you and the doctor who is going to help you get things better.

Here is everything that you should talk about with your doctor:

Tell the medical expert about everything, don’t hide anything from him. This will enable him to identify core sexual issues and symptoms that lead to erectile dysfunction and help prescribe the perfect treatment.

Talk to him about how you can control the symptoms of diabetes that have caused this problem. Keeping a bird’s eye view on your blood sugar, restraining from bad foods, adopting a healthy diet and exercise regiment are all wonderful and natural treatments that will keep your blood vessels and nerves shielded from advanced damaged. It is all about prevention here.

Discuss if you are also suffering with other medical complications. Men suffering with diabetes tend to also develop a score of different health disorders that can all lead to ED. So, keep your doctor in the loop of everything, which will undoubtedly help him to concoct an effective treatment plan for your predicament.

Check your oral medications. It is important to talk about your medications because some or all of them might be exasperating your erectile dysfunction. For example, medications that treat depression symptoms and cardiovascular problems or hypertension can also worsen your ED symptoms.

Schedule an appointment with a sex doctor or counselor. It is pertinent to understand that erectile dysfunction can lead to a number of psychological problems starting with increased stress and anxiety. A sex expert or a mental health counselor can help relieve your stress and draft a course towards healing for you.

The Bottom Line

The aforementioned are the reasons why and how diabetes can affect your sex life, but remember you do have the power to change that.


Help, advice and useful information direct from the Penomet team.

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Help, advice and useful information direct from the Penomet team.