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Every man has a moment when his ‘get up and go’ simply went and if your penis is not standing at full attention during the most opportune times, it’s time to look into how to solve that problem once and for all. Here, we provide a cross-section of erectile problems and the questions to ask yourself, current trends, alternatives, and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle.

The Questions Every Man Must Ask Himself

There could be more than one underlying reasons for erectile dysfunction and there are several questions that a man should ask himself to pinpoint the reasons. One of the first questions should be whether or not it is an actual erection problem or a decrease in libido. For men that can achieve an erection and masturbate but cannot with a partner may be suffering from some psychological issues and stress may be the culprit. Erections, or lack thereof, can gradually fail over a significant period of time – physical – or come on suddenly – psychological. Men that note increased stress in their lives should be asking themselves these basic questions. Medical prescriptions can also lead to sexual dysfunction and for any men on drugs, it may be necessary to see a physician and request alternative medications. Drinking has long been known to cause erectile dysfunction, with more than two drinks capable of raising the blood alcohol level and leading to erectile failure. Excessive drinking over a longer period of time can lead to erectile dysfunction through nerve damage.

Other Symptoms To Note

There are other symptoms out there that many men may not be aware of, but should be. Peyronie’s disease can cause impotence, occurring when the penis develops a lump, kinks, and causes a tightness of the foreskin which can prevent full erections. Peyronie’s also can lead to enlargement of the breasts or body hair loss when the hormones become imbalanced.

Having a long heart-to-heart talk with your partner may also help solve the problem of erectile function. There are no mind readers in relationships and it is important for men to have those important discussions with their partner to ensure optimal health as well as heightened pleasure through intimacy.

The bad news is that quitting smoking now cannot reverse any problems of erectile dysfunction already experienced. The good news is that it potentially can stop it from worsening. Men that are smokers are at increased risk for heart attacks and high blood pressure, and thus should be checked for diabetes and cholesterol.

Debunking the Myths

There is a lot of misinformation around on the subject of men’s sexual health and the notion that erection problems are uncommon is not the truth. The fact is that over a quarter of all men experience some kind of erectile disorder to some degrees. Whether a one-time experience or a series of incidents, more than half of all men will have erectile dysfunction in their lifetime. Currently, there are over 20 million men in America suffering from erectile problems.

Contrary to popular belief, testosterone patches or injections are not a cure for erection problems and should only be administered in men that have had a proven shortage of testosterone. And the little blue pill that could, Viagra, doesn’t necessarily work for every man, with studies showing a success rate in the range of 50-80% of all cases.

How to Stay Hard

Men that want to stay hard should make note of these tips to enhance their sexual health…

Losing those extra pounds is one of the best ways to avoid diabetes, which is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction at over 50% of all men. Men with diabetes suffer from slowed transmission of the stimuli throughout the body’s nervous system, which the sexual organs need to become activated. Maintaining a fit, healthy frame is the best deterrent to avoiding erectile dysfunction.  Men should have their blood sugar checked by their primary care physician and keep track of all vital organ peak performance levels.

Clogged penile arteries can lead to erectile dysfunction and men can combat this by staying active and incorporating at least twenty minutes of aerobics into their daily routine. The more exercise you add to your day to day, the healthier the linings of your arteries will be.

Sleep longer and be harder is the simplest way to say it when it comes to resting and ultimately thrusting. While men are asleep, the body reports between three to five erections on average, which is the way the body recharges your nether-region with oxygenated blood.

Already have all the kids you want or you don’t want any? One little secret of men’s sexual health is that many men cannot perform due to anxiety associated with potentially producing offspring. But with one snip, a man can invest in a permanent renovation of their sperm production and improve their sexual performance in the process.

Men that want to unlock the mysteries of their sexual health can use these steps to improve the status quo now.


Triston is a performance artist and journalist. He has been published in the Huffington Post and featured in publications such as the New York Times, Vogue Italia to name a few.

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Triston is a performance artist and journalist. He has been published in the Huffington Post and featured in publications such as the New York Times, Vogue Italia to name a few.