The Path To Peak Penis Performance

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For most men, having and sustaining optimal performance in the bedroom is not only just for bragging rights, but also a sign of how healthy one is all-around. In order to maintain peak penis performance in the boudoir, there are times when it goes beyond experience and more along the lines of the old adage ‘knowledge id power’. Men that are experiencing a noticeable decline in virility of their penis may need to call in an expert to weigh in and save them from further sexual trauma.

Masculinity and virility often go hand in hand, and if there are some potential health risks on the horizon, the best way to alleviate or circumvent them is by seeking medical advice and treatment as soon as possible. It takes a real man to acknowledge shortcomings of his nether-region, but there is no time like the present to take the issue by the balls and initiate a course of action that will not only save your pride, but likely your health. There are many sexual dysfunctions that some men may not be aware of and here we address them and how to battle them head on.


Also referred to as erectile dysfunction, impotence involves the inability to achieve or maintain an erection for sex due to a lack of blood flow to the penis. In most instances, the inability to keep your Johnson at full attention is one of the first signs that something is wrong under your hood and in need of a check-up by your primary care physician. It’s not only your penis that is in jeopardy should you suffer from impotence as research has also shown that men who suffer heart attacks or strokes report erectile dysfunction a few years earlier. There are a host of potential issues that can lead to impotence, which include high cholesterol, smoking, obesity, and other forms of cardiovascular disease. Once a diagnosis has been made, the majority of men can be treated with several drugs, including, Cialis, Levitra, and arguably the most famous blue pill on the planet, Viagra.

Testosterone Deficiency

Hypogonadism, or testosterone deficiency syndrome, doesn’t involve just your sexual performance, but also affects your energy levels, muscle strength, and mood. Men experiencing certain symptoms can make an appointment with their doctor and take a simple morning blood test to determine whether or not low testosterone is the culprit and proceed accordingly. One effective treatment against testosterone deficiency is testosterone replacement therapy, which can alleviate erectile dysfunction and help men maintain a normal range of testosterone to get the job done in the bedroom.

Peyronie’s Disease

Just uttering the words “puppetry of the penis” is enough to cause most men to cringe, and Peyronie’s disease can best be described as an extension of that off-Broadway play. It involves a curvature or narrowing of the penis and if left untreated, can cause extreme pain as well as prevent penetration. With today’s advanced medical technology, Peyronie’s disease can be treated without surgery in some cases, with compounds injected into area to straighten out the penis.

Prolonged Erection

Priapism, also referred to as prolonged erection, may be the stuff of locker room lore but is no laughing matter and can have serious ramifications for men suffering from it. Men that have an erection for more than four hours should not be calling Guinness, but instead should be contacting an emergency room as soon as possible – more than eight hours of priapism can lead to permanent penile damage and no man wants that!

Interestingly enough, one of the drugs used to treat penile dysfunction can cause priapism, so it is advisable that men see their doctor before buying drugs like Viagra to treat their impotence. Other methods to treat priapism include draining the penis of blood with a needle (ouch!), prescribing medicine to limit the flow of blood to the penis, or surgery.

Premature Ejaculation

One-third of all men experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives and most commonly it occurs in those under the age of 40. Ejaculatory dysfunctions, however, are easier to treat than ever before and include topical anesthetics and antidepressant medications. So there’s no reason to remain the two-minute lover anymore.

Final Considerations

Now that the basics of peak penis performance have been addressed, it is important to remember the following to avoid male sexual issues, many of which can be treated through simple diet and exercise. You’ve heard it before and some things never change: stop smoking, incorporate aerobic activity into your daily routine, and maintain a healthy BMI. Investing a few moments to research your situation down below can ultimately rise to the occasion.


Triston is a performance artist and journalist. He has been published in the Huffington Post and featured in publications such as the New York Times, Vogue Italia to name a few.

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Triston is a performance artist and journalist. He has been published in the Huffington Post and featured in publications such as the New York Times, Vogue Italia to name a few.